Chairman's Desk

"Our total commitment to quality, innovation and product integrity have resulted in the trust & loyalty of our clients worldwide and thus gain a substantial hold over the market. The company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction through continual improvement in its production. Thus it has learned to adopt and grow to meet the changing requirements of its customers to give them the ultimate advantage of Value for Money.

Every product is thoroughly checked as per defined standards to ensure its quality. Its well structured quality policy lays emphasis on high hygiene standards with trained personnel that monitor quality at all stages of production. The managers and supervisors are well trained to carry out quality checks regularly thus ensuring overall credibility. With a blanket shield of a safety policy (which is in accordance with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of India), priority is given to identifying and inventoring risks with the aim of production deficiency and checks done to safeguard against adulteration or use of synthetics.

Further our Environment policy also ensures that all manufacturing is done in harmony with nature and no artificial means of production or artificial products used at any time. Importantly, Rakesh Masala does not employ artificial means of production or use synthetics in producing any of its products and hence maintains its environment to the utmost.

Our products thus produced match global standards. A commitment that we firmly stand and deliver

Mr. S. P. Chaudhary
Chairman of Rakesh Group