The Uniqueness Of Rakesh Group Is On Account Of ...
  • Consistent Quality at all times due to the large volumes being handled in the unit.
  • Only a pinch of the spice put in your food is enough to give its properties and aroma to the cooked food unlike others where a great quantity is required to get the desired effect.
  • The Masalas so produced are different and unique due to its quality of quick dispersibility.
  • Most of the spices so manufactured are high on freshness and raw taste.
  • Extreme care taken for Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavour by using sophisticated, fully automated state of the art equipments.
  • Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and contamination of spices.
  • Mechanised processes followed for end product spices include.
  • Mechanised Cleaning and Sorting of spices to ensure purity.
  • In- House microbiological and physical analysis of spices.
  • Sieving of spices to ensure uniform mesh size of spice powders.
  • Elimination of all ferrous contamination in ground spices using 9500 gauss German magnets.
  • Steam Sterlisation of whole and ground spices.
  • Rakesh Masala is backed by the Rakesh Group of Companies that has been accredited with years of expertise and commands the highest reputation in the spice manufacturing world with customer focus as its guiding motto.
  • The Rakesh Spice brand offers you the best value for money.
  • It has thus become a market leader in the domestic market due to It's commitment to quality and on time delivery.